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Hey, salut!

I'm Bénédicte, I am a French creative, passionate curator and buyer based in Munich.

French Kiss Studio is not a boutique like any other. It was founded from a desire of creating and gathering limited selections of elevated pieces from our daily life for personalities with a story to tell. 

The brand was inspired by my love for the classic white t-shirt, from my passion for design and quality, and from a desire to create a space where shopping was based on story-telling instead of what’s „in style“. 

We create limited selections of hand-illustrated unisex basics, all fair trade and made of organic cotton (which should be the norm right?). The brand’s main focus is on design, aesthetics and quality. The t-shirts are thick and soft. The prints are eco-friendly and durable. French Kiss Studio does not follow any pattern or trend. All pieces are timeless and should be a long term addition to one’s closet.

If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks for passing by!

- Bénédicte