the concept

We design, we curate, we compose selections of classic goods.


The brand was inspired by Bénédicte’s love for a well cut classic white t-shirt, from her passion for design and quality, and from a wish to create a space where shopping was based on story-telling instead of what’s „in style“. 

We create limited selections of hand-illustrated unisex basics, all sustainable (which should be the norm right?) and made of organic cotton. The brand’s main focus is on design, aesthetics and quality. The t-shirts are thick and soft. The prints are eco-friendly and durable. All pieces are timeless and should be a long term addition to one’s closet.



We are convinced that style is about balance as well as composing and playing with items from different origins, materials and price categories. It’s not about consuming but about collecting.

French Kiss Studio is place that is inspiring and kind of magic, outside of short-term and unaccessible trends. A place people will visit because it makes them feel good because they KNOW they will find something they love. Here, we select everything with care and conviction!

We also really want to encourage new designers and ideas.

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the founder

Hey, salut!

I'm Bénédicte, I am a French passionate creative, curious curator and buyer. I love composing, working with other labels & designers to gather thinks you cannot find anywhere else. Starting French Kiss Studio is a dream come true, I hope you enjoy it!

You can also find more of my work here.

If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks for passing by!

- Bénédicte